Friday, May 2, 2008

Travel Supreme: 31 Rear Kitchen with Super Slide
Central Air, 13,5 Coleman Ducted
10 Gallon gas/electric water heater
2 40 lb. (10 gallon) propane tanks
Slide out pantry
Upgraded refrigerator
Swivel rocker chair
Ceiling fan
nonitor system
Stereo AM/
fm cassette
Cable TV hook up, bedroom and living room
Phone hook ups, bedroom and living room
Door bell
TV Antenna with booster
Satelite TV antenna Plus
Sky light
Tinted windows with storm windows
External security lights
Hardwood parquet Floor
Side Awning
Stabilizer Jacks, electric and hydraulic
12v power jack
Sewage Tank installed rinse connection
50 amp, 30 amp and 115 amp service
55 gal fresh water capacity
48 gallon gray water holding tank
48 gallon sewage holding tank
Factory re in forced metal framing
In addition to the above, there are many upgrades and renewed item in the unit. The 4 KW Onan has been sound proofed, the hydraulic jacks have been up graded, and the whole package is in "like new" condition.
Taken from the left rear of the trailer. This was taken while the slide was still in. Note the automatic awning that goes out when the slide goes out, to protect the top from leaves and dirt and give more shade over the slide out. Also shows a good shot of the large A/C exterior light fixtures, there are 4 of these on the trailer. The unit has had lots of upgrades, one being new Mohr-Ryde suspension. The trailer has been inspected professionally for water leaks, and there are none!
Left side of the trailer. Note the two large A/C lights, two on each side. Really lights things up well if you need them at night. The leveling is done with 4 way hydraulic jacks, or the installed factory electric jacks in front and the crank rear stabilizers. It's very easy to set up level with the "joy sticks". The roof was re caulked and checked less than a year ago at a Camping World store. The Satilite TV antenna is the latest manual kind, but has and electronic elevation sensor inside the trailer, making it easy to connect to the satelite.
Right side of the trailer. The front storage area has the generator and batteries, and some extra room for storage in it. The compartment with the generator is sound proofed. The storage door in front of the door is basement storage that goes through to the other side. There are two more storage compartments behind the door that you can't see in this picture.
Looking from the right front. It's clean, and looks a lot newer than it is. Note the long awning.
From the right rear view. All the outside windows are factory tinted. All the windows except the small right rear in the kitchen and the small one in the bathroom have double storm windows mounted inside. Helps control heat and cold from coming in. There is a large awning installed, it's pretty new, only opened a few times.
There is a closet on each side of the bed and the two cabinets over the head board.

From the bedroom looking out into the bath room. We renewed the sink a couple years ago, everything looks new inside.
Looking into the bedroom from the bathroom. The mirrored doors are for the main closet. All the closets have lights that come on when the doors open. Door on the right is for the full sized shower, that has a skylight.
This is a new style toilet. There is a new holding tank and the flushing valves are all new.
The kitch is in good condition. Everything works. There is an exceptional amount of storage cabinets, all good solid wood construction.
Having individual chars is nice, you can move them off the dining area to the living room if you need them for company. The Lazy Boy recliners are very nice, they to almost vertical for good napping~!
Looking from the kitchen/dining room table into the living room.
Very comfortable chair in the living room.
Taken from the living room looking at the kitchen.
The ceiling fan is nice for both warm and cold days to circulate the air.
The generator panel. Remote start and stop from the living room. Also tells you the condition of the batteries. Reletively very few operating hours since new, and works perfect!
This is the panel for solar battery charger on the roof. It's enough to keep the batteries up if the sun is bright.
1000 watt microwave, Clean, 4 burner stove and large refrigerator. The Refrigerator is less than 2 years old
The Lazyboy double recliner was added by us. It's very comfortable!